Single Silage pusher fixed (VBES)

The Silage pushers (also called silage scraper or feed sweeper wheel) from Kemp are simple tools for feeding. By attaching a tractor wheel to a galvanized star, which is mounted on a wheel hub, the wheel can rotate. Because the wheels are mounted at an angle with respect to the frame, the feed always turns towards the cows. It is possible to lock the belt, so that the belt can be used as a sort of scraper too, for example, shift the residual food.


The VBES (Single silage pusher fixed) is a fixed version of the standard single silage pusher and is therefore not equipped with a cylinder, so that no hydraulic hoses need to be connected.

For vehicles up to 1,200 mm, the wheel is mounted on the centre line of the vehicle because the widest tire is 1,600 mm. If the vehicle is wider than 1,200 mm, the tire is mounted on the left OR right side, so that the wheel still protrudes 20 cm, but in this case the tire only protrudes 20 cm on one side. It is important that the tire protrudes so that the food can be pushed next to the vehicle. The minimum margin of 20 cm is also important because the feed will again fall a little bit inwards due to the rotating belt.

When ordering a silage pusher, we ask you to pass on the vehicle width and bucket width (when the tire comes to this).

The VBES comes with a rubber support foot, so no support leg needs to be retracted. Due to the support base the frame is always straight and can easily be coupled to the vehicle.

The silage pusher is available with attachment parts, for example on a mini loader, or with bucket connection (for the attachments see the document: Kemp attachment parts).


Steel angle to clamp with top clamp of the bucket.

The second option is a heavier version of the VBES. In this case, the wheel hub has 6 attachment points instead of 5 and the star has 6 spokes instead of 5.