Single Silage pusher (VBE)

The Silage pushers (also called silage scraper or feed sweeper wheel) from Kemp are simple tools for feeding. By attaching a tractor wheel to a galvanized star, which is mounted on a wheel hub, the wheel can rotate. Because the wheels are mounted at an angle with respect to the frame, the feed always turns towards the cows. It is possible to lock the belt, so that the belt can be used as a sort of scraper too, for example, shift the residual food.


The VBE (Single silage pusher) is a hydraulically swivelling pusher. The feeding wheel can be used left and right by means of a double-acting cylinder. This allows you to enter the feed on both sides of the feed alley in the same direction of travel. The VBE can be delivered with 3-point connection or with attachment parts for (mini) loader, etcetera (for the attachments see the document: Kemp attachment parts).

The VBE is standard equipped with a retractable support foot. When the support foot is extended, the machine is straight and can easily be coupled to the vehicle.

The weight of the VBE is ± 200 kg.