Maize leveller (MS)

The approaching of maize to the silage pit goes faster and faster due to larger machines, so the silage pit must also be equalized more quickly. A handy tool for this is the maize leveller from Kemp. With this slide you can easily distribute the maize over the entire silage pit.


Kemp offers two different versions, namely the short fixed version and the swivelling version.

The short fixed version has integrated lift arm and top link points for an extra short extension. The weight of the fixed version is ± 575 kg.

The swivelling version can swivel 30 degrees on both sides. By building the pivot point against the three-point, the scraper swings away from the wall, so you do not get stuck against the silo wall quickly. This makes it easier to slide the maize to the side without driving along the side. The weight of the swivelling maize leveller is ± 775 kg.

For both scrapers holds:

  • The sliding board is cut and bent from 10 mm thick steel
  • Width 2,750 mm.
  • Height 1,250 mm with see-through slots.


Slide plate, 10 mm thick steel: By placing plates on the side of the scraper, it is easier to keep the maize at the slide.

Adjustable side shields: With adjustable plates, the working width increases to max. 3500 mm

Rubber strip: Possible to mount a rubber strip and thus be used as a snow scraper.

Hardox strip: Possible to mount a hardox strip so that the slide can be used as a ground plane