Light bale clamp (BK)

The bale clamps from Kemp are made for moving and picking up bales. These bale clamps are ideal for picking up rectangular bales, but it is also possible to transport round bales. The bale grabbers have two sliding tubes per clamping arm, so four in total. These four sliding tubes ensure that the force is distributed over the entire height of the clamp. This allows us to keep the clamps slim/narrow, which allows passage between close-lying bales.

By the most common clamps, the clamping arms are completely galvanized, which makes the steel no longer sensitive to the effects of the weather or dirt. If the steel is not galvanized, it is treated with two components primer/coating.


The BK is the lightest bale clamp in Kemp’s product range, which makes this bale clamp suitable for mini-loaders and light tractors (up to 80 hp). Because the BK only has to pick up one bale at a time, we have been able to construct this clamp light (± 200 kg). The clamp tubes are bent from a single tube of 60x6.3 mm, the tube therefore has no weak points. The height of the clamping arms are 360 mm.

The BK is available in two versions, namely the BK 1.900 and the BK 2.100. The BK 2.100 is capable to pick up larger bales and thus also heavier. To make this possible, the clamp has been implemented with thicker steel, the cylinders are larger and the clamping arms are galvanized.

The light bale clamp is available with the attachments that belong to your vehicle (for the attachment parts, see the document: Kemp attachment parts).

For additional specifications, see the document: product specifications.


Pilot operating non return valve: needed at open centre and internal leakage control valve. Duo to the open centre, the oil can’t be blocked and the clamp can’t stay in one position. The pilot operating non return valve, takes over this function by blocking the oil flow, allowing the bale clamp to stay in one position.

Pressure relief valve: at a working pressure above 225 bar, then install an pressure relief valve.

Removable mounting parts: It is possible to order the attachments not welded but mounted with bolts and nuts. This allows you to easily replace the attachments when necessary.

Bale spear: This ball spear allows you to remove the foil / rope & net from the bale. For more information look at the product page of the ball spear.