Rubber bucket scraper (RSVB)

Kemp's fixed sliders are suitable for moving food residues, mud, manure, snow, recycling waste, chips and similar. The corners of the fixed sliders are placed in a 30 degree angle, this allows the dirt to be moved well.

The fixed slides are completely galvanized. The zinc layer protects the slide well against the effects of weather and dirt.


The RVSB is only useable with a bucket. With the bucket on the front loader, telehandler, wheel loader, the scraper can be picked up quickly.

The rubber box slide is available in two types, namely the RSVB and the RSVBK. The RSVBK is the heavier version of the RSVB. The U-profile, behind the rubber, has been replaced at the RSVBK for a hollow steel profile (180 * 180 * 8). This profile is 8 mm thick instead of 4 mm at the RSVB. The side tubes are also weighted from 4 mm to 6 mm thick.

The RSVBK is equipped with a rubber reinforcement at the end of the tube. As a result, the chance of tearing in the rubber is reduced when, for example, the feeding fence or wall is hit.

The RSVB is available in the sizes 2,200, 2,800 and 3,200 mm. The RSVBK in the sizes 2,800 and 3,200 mm. The bucket must be at least 250 mm narrower than the working width due to the side hollow sections and backlash.

The RSVB 2,200 comes standard with a rubber of 400 mm high, with the RSVB 2,800 and 3,200 you can choose 400 or 500 mm high. The RSVBK comes standard with a rubber of 500 mm high. In this higher rubber two rows of holes are drilled, allowing you to turn over or lower the rubber when one side is worn.


Steel angle to clamp with top clamp of the bucket.

Adjustable hollow sections for clamping the scraper to buckets with cutting knife, without damaging this knife.