Heavy round bale grabber (BKROZ)

A round bale grabber is useable for picking up and transporting round bales. The clamping brackets are bent into the radius of the bale, so that the round bales can be clamped on the entire surface, which results is no damage to the foil.


The heaviest round bale grabber from Kemp, for use on wheel loaders, telehandlers and tractors. The clamping range is Ø 700 - 1.900 mm, max. open 2.250 mm. The thickness of the clamping brackets is 7,1 mm. The round bale grabber is suitable for bales up to 2.200 kg. The weight of the bale clamp is 425 kg.

The clamping arms are operated by two cylinders. The clamping parts can move with respect to the arm. The advantage of this is that bales can be picked up easily, because the clamping arms can move without hydraulic pressure. The heavy round bale clamp is standard equipped with a controlled non-return valve.

The BKROZ is available as a single and a double version. In the double version, plastic guidance is provided in the sliding tubes, to let the clamping arms move smoothly. In addition to these sliding tubes, the double version is equipped with an extra round clamping bracket in the middle of the clamp. The outer two clamping arms can clamp bales on both sides of the centre bracket. The weight of the double version is 825 kg.

The bale clamp can be used on several vehicles, for all mounting parts see the document Kemp attachment parts.


Pressure relief valve: at a working pressure above 225 bar, then install an pressure relief valve.

Removable mounting parts: It is possible to order the attachments not welded but mounted with bolts and nuts. This allows you to easily replace the attachments when necessary.

Dismountable rack for 2nd bale: The heavy round bale clamp has the possibility for a rack, so several bales can be transported simultaneously.