Fixed rubber scraper 3-point (URSK)

The fixed rubber scraper is a handy tool to push away food residues, mud, manure, snow, recycling residues, and the like. The corners of the scraper are placed at an angle with respect to the centre piece, this allows the dirt to be moved well.


The universal rubber scraper is equipped with a hollow sections profile, this is 140 x 140 x 6 mm. A rubber is screwed to this profile, this rubber is 400 mm high and 40 mm thick. As an option it is possible to order a rubber with steel insert.

The URSK comes standard with forklift receiver and three point, making this scraper suitable for a forklift truck, loader with forks or a three-point connection. The scraper is available with 5 different rubber lengths, namely:

  • 1.800 mm;
  • 2.200 mm;
  • 2.500 mm;
  • 2.800 mm;
  • 3.200 mm.