Double Silage pusher (DVB)

The Silage pushers (also called silage scraper or feed sweeper wheel) from Kemp are simple tools for feeding. By attaching a tractor wheel to a galvanized star, which is mounted on a wheel hub, the wheel can rotate. Because the wheels are mounted at an angle with respect to the frame, the feed always turns towards the cows. It is possible to lock the belt, so that the belt can be used as a sort of scraper too, for example, shift the residual food.


The DVB (dual feed sweeper) is equipped with two wheels, which makes it easy to push the feed on both sides of the feed alley. The double silage pusher can be connected quickly or put away, without having to step off to lock or slide a support leg up. In addition, it is not necessary to connect hoses.

The DVB is ideal for shovels, telehandlers or front loaders with a bucket. However, the DVB is also available with attachment parts and 3-point connection (for the attachments see the document: Kemp attachment parts).

The DVB is also available in a heavier version, the DVBZ. The DVBZ (double silage pusher, heavy) is heavier on several parts. The wheel hub has 6 attachment points instead of 5 and the star has 6 spokes instead of 5. Furthermore, the main profile is 8 mm thick instead of 4 mm and the side tubes are 6 mm instead of 4 mm.

The weight of the DVB is ± 320 kg and the DVBZ ± 500 kg.

When ordering the double silage pusher, we ask to pass the vehicle width and bucket width (when the pusher comes to this). Subsequently, we ensure that the wheels always protrude 20 cm per side with respect to the vehicle or the bucket (whichever is wider). It is important that the feed is placed next to the vehicle. The minimum margin of 20 cm is also important because the feed will fall a little bit further through the rotating tires.

On the basis of the bucket width, we can supply the correct connection. The sides of the bucket connection are adjustable, so that the feeding belt remains usable when you purchase a new bucket.


If you want to use the double sweeping wheel on a tine bucket, it is necessary to weld bars between the side tubes so that the silage pusher can rest on them.

Steel angle to clamp with top clamp of the bucket.

Adjustable hollow sections for clamping the scraper to buckets with cutting knife, without damaging this knife.

The double sweeping belt comes standard with a bucket connection. An option is bucket connection and 3-point Cat 2 performed on the silage pusher.