Bale spike (BP)

The Kemp bale spikes are suitable for picking up both hay and straw bales. The bale spike is a fast and cheap way for bale transport. Several bales can be stacked against the high rack. The bale spike is equipped with three heavy spikes in welding bushes so that the spike can’t tear off the tube. If you do not transport bales, the foldable safety rack can be folded out.


The bale spike is available in two types and three different heights. The two types are BPL and BPZ, the L stands for light and the Z for heavy. This means that the BPZ is heavier than the BPL and is therefore suitable for wheel loaders, telehandlers and front loaders. The BPL is suitable for mini-loaders and small tractors. The spikes of the BPZ are ⌀45 mm and the BPL ⌀30 mm. The working length of the spikes is 950 mm for both types. The BPL is suitable up to a weight of 800 kg, the BPZ up to a weight of 1,500 kg.

The BPL is available in two heights, namely 1,000 mm and 1,500 mm. The width is 1,500 mm for both sizes. The BPZ is 1.800 mm high and 1.850 mm wide.

The bale spike is available with the attachments that belong to your vehicle (for the attachment parts, see the document: Kemp attachment parts).


Extra welding bush: If you are in doubt about ordering more than three spikes, you can choose to purchase only an extra welding bush. We will weld this bush in the tube, so that when you want to place an extra spike, you can place it.

Extra spike: The bale spike is standard equipped with three spikes, you can choose to order four or five spikes.

Hydraulic folding spikes: The advantage of this is that you can fold up the spikes when, for example, you drive on the public road without bales.

Removable attachment parts: It is possible to order the attachments not welded but mounted with bolts and nuts. This allows you to easily replace the attachments when necessary.