Tube hitching system (SK)

We developed the tube hitching system because there was a demand for an automated system to connect the hose to the tank with more capacity, without coming out of the tractor.


The tube hitching system consists of two parts, namely the system that clamps the hose to be mounted on the manure spreader and a trolley on which the hose can rest. An automatic air vent is also fitted to the hose coupling system. This is operated simultaneously with the valve. When the tank is full, set the hydraulics to the whip position, this closes the valve and the vent opens. The result is that the manure in the hose sucks air, so that the manure runs out of the hose, back into the manure pit. The result is that no manure leaks when uncoupling the hose.

The hitching system is:

  • Quick connection and disconnection.
  • Easy to assemble by means of 4 bolts and two hydraulic hoses on the place of the existing valve.
  • Operating with one double acting valve.
  • Does not leak during transportation, due to distance of the valve to seal rubber is minimal.
  • No bends which also does not lose suction.
  • Less weight as a suction arm.

Depending on your connection you can choose between a 6 '' connection or an 8 '' connection.


Coupling with a 6 '' hose grommet for SK 8 ''.