Weed brush rotor (OKBR)

Due to the changes in the law concerning the use of poison to combat weeds, Kemp has developed a weed brush. This weed brush removes weeds in an environmentally friendly manner and is therefore a good replacement for the poison. The weed brushes from Kemp are hydraulically driven, due to this rotating movement the weeds are loosened.


The weed brush rotor is suitable for a (mini) loader, tractor, etc. The width of the brush is 1,600 mm and the diameter 730 mm. Due to this large width you can quickly brush large surfaces.

The weed brush is designed with a oscillating construction. therefore the roller adjusts to uneven surfaces. The weed brush is hydraulically driven and hydraulically pivotable. By using a hydraulic swivel function it is possible to brush the weeds next to the vehicle.