Rubber yard scraper fixed (RSV)

Kemp's fixed sliders are suitable for moving food residues, mud, manure, snow, recycling waste, chips and similar. The corners of the fixed sliders are placed in a 30 degree angle, this allows the dirt to be moved well.

The fixed slides are completely galvanized. The zinc layer protects the slide well against the effects of weather and dirt.

The fixed slides can be supplied with attachment parts for (mini) loaders, tractors, telehandlers, forklift trucks, etc. (for the attachments, see the document: Kemp attachment parts).


The RSV is available with forklift receiver or equipped with the possibility for build on attachment parts. In the variants where attachment parts are placed on, a rubber support base is used, this means the slide is always straight and can be connected quickly. Coupling is also simple with a forklift.

The RSV is available in two types, namely the RSV140 and the RSV200. The number behind RSV refers to the type of UNP bar that is used. The RSV140 consists of an 140 mm UNP bar and the RSV200 of an 200 mm UNP bar. Two UNP beams are welded together in the middle of the bar.

The RSV140 is available in the sizes 1,400, 1,800, 2,200 and 2,500 mm and the RSV200 in the sizes 2,200, 2,500, 2,700, 3,000 and 3,200. For the RSV140 series the rubbers are 400 mm high and for the RSV200 2.700 and 3.200 you can choose a 500 mm high rubber. In this higher rubber two rows of holes are drilled, allowing you to turn over or lower the rubber when one side is worn.


Forklift receiver + possibility for build on parts: As a standard version you can choose for forklift or attachments. However, it is also possible to integrate both on one scraper.