Hydraulically yard scraper standard (TenW)

The Kemp Yard scrapers are suitable as mud scraper, manure scraper, dirt scraper, snow blade, etc. The rubber is equipped with a steel layer, which makes the rubber more wear-resistant, however, the slide is therefore not suitable as a feed scraper due to this steel layer.

The Yard scrapers are able to swivel both 45 degrees left and right, so there is a good control on the removal of the dirt. Because two cylinders are used, it is also possible to swivel during sliding.

The beam with the rubber of the scraper can oscillate with respect to the frame, so there is always an optimal bottom adjustment and the rubber wears evenly.


The TenW series is available in two types and seven different sizes. The two types are TenW140 and TenW200. The number behind TenW refers to the type of UNP bar that has been used. The TenW140 uses an 140 mm UNP beam and the TenW200 an 200 mm UNP beam. Two UNP beams are welded together in the middle of the gate.

The TenW140 is available in the sizes 1,400, 1,800, 2,200, 2,500 and 2,700 mm and the TenW200 in the sizes 2,700, 3,000 and 3,200. With the TenW140 series the rubbers are 400 mm high and with the TenW200 series 500 mm high. In this higher rubber two rows of holes are drilled, allowing you to turn the rubber around and lower it. The rubber can therefore be mounted in four different positions.

The TenW is completely galvanized. As a result, the slide is no longer sensitive to weather influences, so that the rubber can be worn down to the frame.

The Yard scraper is available with the attachments that belong to your vehicle (for the attachment parts, see the document: Kemp attachment parts).

For additional specifications, see the document: product specifications.


Adjustable angles (manually): The Yard scrapers (140 series) are standard equipped with a straight beam, however it is also possible to choose for manually adjustable angles (except for the 1,400 mm variant). These angles can be adjusted 35 degrees with respect to the beam. The adjustable angles give you more control to keep the dirt near the rubber and thus slide away in the direction of travel.

The TenW200 series is standard equipped with a beam incl. adjustable angles. The 2.700 mm variant is also available with a straight beam, which is cheaper than the adjustable angles

The 1,400 and 1,800 mm variant are not standard equipped with two cylinders. The sliding surface of these two scrapers is small, so no great forces are required. However, it is possible to choose two cylinders.

The TenW140 is standard equipped with a rubber of 400 mm high. However, it is possible to choose for a raised rubber of 500 mm high.

The TenW series is suitable as a snow blade, but to control the snow that spatters over the rubber you can choose for a detachable snow cover.

Shock valve: a shock valve is needed with vehicles above 4,000 kg. The shock valve provides protection when the scraper collides with something. In this case, the shock valve ensures that the oil from the cylinder, which has come under pressure, is moved to the other cylinder. As a result, the scraper swings past the obstacle and the chance of damage is reduced. The shock valve is of course only possible with two cylinder scrapers.

Pilot operating non return valve: Needed at open centre and internal leakage control valve. Duo to the open centre, the oil can’t be blocked and the scraper can’t stay in one position. The pilot operating non return valve, takes over this function by blocking the oil flow, allowing the scraper to stay in one position.